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In 2006 Sailmaster BV was contracted to complete a major restoration of the rigging of the Norwegian ship Sørlandet.


Tasks included:

– Dismanteling and removing from the ship of fifteen yards, including sails and all running rigging;
– Disasembly and removal from the ship of:
Fore lowermast
Fore topmast
Fore topgallant mast
Main lowermast
Main topmast
Main topgallant mast
Mizzen topmast
Mizzen topgallant mast

Production of new standing rigging; installation and assembly of masts, spars and bowsprit with new standing rigging.

Crossing all yards again, bending on all sail and leading all new running rigging.

Project Details

  • Location : Bredalsholmen Shipyard, Norway
  • Built : 1927
  • Owner : Stiftelsen Gulriggeren Sørlandet
  • Tonnage : 891 Deadweight
  • Length : 65 m
  • Beam : 9.8 m
  • Height : 35 m
  • Draft : 4.5 m
  • Subtitel : 2006 - 2007