former name: Dunboyne, G.D. Kennedy

The af Chapman was downrigged in Musko Navy base in Sweden December 2007 to allow the ship into the unique shipyard, which is based inside of a mountain. The masts posed a serious height restriction. She remained in refit for one year.

Sailmaster was approached supply consultation and to re-install the masts and rigging of the af Chapman and fit the restored and new yards in the original configuration. It was also requested to construct a simple and comprehensive system of running and standing braces, to approach her original appearance.

As the standing rigging was quite new it was re-used in rigging up. Indeed, the original wooden topmasts were stepped again – as they had been since 1888!

Project Details

  • Location : Musko Navy base, Sweden
  • Built : 1888
  • Owner : Swedish Tourist Association
  • Tonnage : 1516 Tons
  • Length : 98.00 m
  • Beam : 12.00 m
  • Height : 48.00 m
  • Draft : 5.20 m
  • Subtitel : 2007 - 2008