VOC Prins Willem

In 2003, Sailmaster B.V. was contracted to assist in bringing over the Prins Willem from Japan. The ship was to be brought to Den Helder, the Netherlands. On location in Nagasaki, Japan, our team dismanteled and removed from the ship nine yards and one lateen boom, as well as running rigging.

Disasembly and removal from the ship of fore topmast and foretopgallant mast and, maintopmast and main topgallant mast and mizzen topmast were all also down-rigged and removed from the ship.

In the Netherlands, overhaul of standing rigging and renew running rigging was completed. Installation and assembly of masts and spars with new standing rigging upon arrival. The ship was fully rigged up in Den Helder.

Unfortunatley, in 2009 burned to the waterline and all was lost.

Project Details

  • Location : Den Helder, Netherlands
  • Built : Amels shipyard Makkum
  • Owner : Talsma Shipyard Franeker
  • Tonnage : 700 tons payload
  • Length : 42,00 m
  • Beam : 11,50 m
  • Height : 56,00 m
  • Draft : 5,50 m
  • Subtitel : 2003 - 2004