Sailmaster B.V. is the complete package of ship work for sailing vessels of all size. Specializing in rigging the worlds largest square riggers, we also offer:

• Rig inspection for all size vessels. Sailmaster BV is Lloyd’s Register Approved Service Supplier for Surveys of Masts and Rigging. Certificate No. LR2287318AS
• Down-rigging, overhaul, general maintenance & uprig of all size sailing vessels;
• Building, installing & tuning entire new rigs;
• Design recommendations for modifying and improving existing rigs as well as new build;
• Sourcing materials such as fibre rope, wire rope, blocks, masts, winches, etc.
• Training of existing crews in square-sail seamanship and maintenance;
• Provision of professional, trained crews for any size sailing vessel;
• Delivery of vessels to any location worldwide.

Specific skills & tasks we offer include, but are not limited to:

• Traditional wire seizing for standing rigging;
• Traditional wire rope splices (a variety of methods)
• Talruit pressings; cast-on Spelter sockets & swaged terminals;
• Stropping blocks;
• Making rig accesible via ratlines, rat bars, etc.;
• Parcelling & Serving;
• Leatherwork;
• Jarvis winch installation & tuning.