The barque Viking was built as a successor to Kobenhavn. She was built in 1906, and is the largest sailing ship to be built in Scandanavia. Currently she lies in Goteborg, as a stationary hotel.

The city of Goteborg expressed concern regarding the rigging, despite the previous refit having not been done not that long ago. The refit was done well, however the maintenenace required was found to be lacking. The natural fibre serving material needed to be replaced. For this reason, synthetic twine was used to re-serve the standing rigging.

The Sailmaster Team gained valuable knowledge during this project, as the winter conditions were harsh – at times reaching -20°. Cold temperatures can pose serious challenges when working with heritage quality iron, and without proper considerations, items can break.

Also, the timeline was quite short due to the quickly approaching tourist season. The massive, four-rigged barque underwent a complete down-rig, restoration and uprig – completed in a mere three months.

Project Details

  • Location : Goteborg, Sweden
  • Built : Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen, Denmark. 1906.
  • Owner : ESS Hotell AB.
  • Tonnage : 2,959 GRT
  • Length : 118m / 187ft
  • Beam : 14m / 45ft
  • Height : 56m / 182ft
  • Draft : 7m / 24ft
  • Subtitel : 2011