VOC Replica Amsterdam

The rigging of the Amsterdam is historically very close to accurate. Based on the original Ducth East-India ship of the same name, the rigging style is from the year 1749. Complete with dead-eyes and fibre seizings, this prime example of traditional rigging is situated in the heart of Amsterdam.

Sailmaster B.V. is proud to have worked on the Amsterdam, which is the crown-jewel of the National Maritime Museum. She is built of Iroko.

Jobs over the years have included inspection, down rigging, fabrication of new rig components and renewal of existing components, and uprigging.

2001 job was in Willemsoord, towed to Den Helder. Ideal dock for this type of ship:

The special, Napoleonic dock is specifically designed to facilitate shipwirghts to shore up new wooden planks of traditional ships. The brick walls are curved and stepped to follow the shape of ships built at this time.

Project Details

  • Location : Den Helder and Amsterdam, NL
  • Built : Makkum, Netherlands 1984
  • Owner : Talsma Shipyard Franeker NL 2009
  • Tonnage : 700 Tons
  • Length : 42.00 m
  • Beam : 11.50 m
  • Height : 56.00 m
  • Draft : 5.50 m
  • Subtitel : 2001 - 2002; 2008